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Sights & Sounds

A collection of photos and music of the bands Robert Blaschke Experience, Drumulation, Shaka & The SoulShakers, and MushroomSoup.


Drumulation led by Robert Blaschke

Four drum sets. One great idea. These add up to Drumulation, when four drummers work as one to create a live recording of two rarely performed compositions. Recorded live in 2010 at Tone Soup Studios in Avon, CT, Drumulation captures the preformance of "Drum Song for Lead Belly" by Andrew Cyrille and "Four Stories for Four Complete Drum Sets" by Louis Bellson.

Robert Blaschke - Drum Set 1: 1967 Ludwig/Paiste Cymbals
Marcel Blanchet - Drum Set 2: 1967 Ludwig/Amedia Cymbals
Bob Hill - Drum Set 3: 1982 Ludwig/Zildjian Cymbals
Gary Massicotte - Drum Set 4: 1979 Gretsch/Paiste Cymbals

Drum Song for Lead Belly (2:36)
Written by Andrew Cyrille and Performed by Drumulation

Four Stories for Four Complete Drum Sets (6:12)
Written by Louis Bellson and Performed by Drumulation


Shaka & The SoulShakers

In 2013, Shaka & The SoulShakers played for the second time at Paulie's NOLA Jazz and Blues Fest held in Worcester MA. Since 2008 this festival has been bringing together jazz, blues, zydeco, funk, and country artists to perform the music they love in an urban setting. The SoulShaker's foot stomping performance in 2012 earned them an opening spot in 2013. So real and authentic is the SoulShaker's NOLA sound, that many folks thought we came up for the fest from New Orleans.

Big Jim Blues (excerpt), from the CD Heard a Mighty Rumblin'
Composed and arranged by Shaka & The SoulShakers
Robert Blaschke, Drums - Tony C, Lead/Rhythm Guitar - Tim Murphy, Bass -
Bill Shaka, Vocals/Harp


MushroomSoup at the Century Lounge

Soup is good food! MushroomSoup was a regular feature band at the Century Lounge in Providence, RI. Eclectic and powerful, MushroomSoup put their unique interpretation to songs by the Allman Brothers, Billy Cobham, The Dead, as well as original tunes written by the band.

Down the Road (8:35)
Written and Performed by MushroomSoup
Robert Blaschke, Drums - Rick Mariotti, Lead/Rhythm Guitar - Kenn Reynolds, Bass -
John Baldaia, Vocals/Lead/Rhythm & Acoustic Guitar


Robert Blaschke Experience - 2010 Bristol Mum Festival

Performing for the second time at the Bristol Mum Festival, Willie and Tom were joined this year by Eric on guitar. Burning through a set of Afro Blue, Blessed Relief, and Blue Rondo a la Turk by Dave Brubeck, to name just a few, it was a fun day celebrating the Mum! Too bad the concert was cut short due to a power outage! We're still looking for the kid who rode his bike over the extension cord.

Blue Rondo a la Turk (5:18)
Written by Dave Brubeck
Live Performance by the Robert Blaschke Experience
Robert Blaschke, Drums - Eric Applebaum, Guitar - Tom Demski, Bass -
Willie Myette, Keyboards