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Drum Logic Logo study drumming with Robert Blaschke
Rob at Drum Set

Accepting new students!

    Offering drum lessons to:
      • Beginners1
      • Self-taught players
      • High school students
      • College students
      • Pros
      • Individuals playing the drums for fun!

1 Students should be 10 years or older.


Drum lessons with Robert Blaschke is the logical choice for you.

"Through my 30+ years of experience as a student, professional player and teacher of the drum set, my Drum Logic® approach can start you off playing correctly, make practice more productive, help you achieve realistic goals, and have fun at the same time."

— Robert Blaschke

Drum Logic® offers complete education in:

Drum Set
Concert Snare Drum
Right/Left Hand Lead
Writing for Drum Set
Drum Set Maintenance
Double Bass
Odd Meters


Convienient and Professional

Drum lessons are offered in a relaxed environment at the Drum Logic® studio in Bristol. Whether you just want to play, are focused on skill development, or both, Drum Logic® offers instruction in the playing techniques and musical styles that interest you.

Instruction in Rock, Jazz, Blues, Fusion, Classical, and Latin styles.

Select students will have the opportunity to participate in the Drum Logic drum set ensemble performing music written for two to three drum sets.

Lesson Policy

One-hour and half-hour weekly lessons are available, and are offered at affordable rates. If this does not fit your schedule or budget, bi-weekly lessons are an alternative.

Call today at (860) 583-7675 to reserve your spot, and to arrange a lesson plan that works best for you.

Reschedule and Cancellation Policy

Lessons must be cancelled no less than 24 hours before lesson date. When calling to cancel your lesson you will be asked to reschedule.

Students will be charged the full lesson fee for uncancelled or late lessons. Payment for uncancelled lessons will be collected at the next scheduled lesson.

Failure to remit payment or repeated cancellations will result in lessons being discontinued.